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I have always enjoyed the process of training all my dogs and have learned something new with each additional dog. One of my first dogs was a beagle mix named Sangy and the "come here" command consisted of shaking a box of milk bones. As I grew older and more experienced, I have improved my techniques, which has been very important since my last and present dog is a rottweiler.....a sweet but headstrong breed. I belong to an obedience club and we train and interact with all different breeds of dogs. I have taken care of a variety of animals as you will see featured in this website. I am very dedicated to my own dog Koda, but I am doubly committed to providing the very best care for your pet.

About me... I'm "your neighbor" who loves animals. I talked my parents into getting my first dog when I was 10 years old and I have had a dog ever since. Luckily for my last few dogs, I don't dress them up any more except for an occasional bandana.


Please feel free to call or e-mail so we  can get to know each other. I know how important it is to feel comfortable and trust the person who is taking care of a loved member of the family.